A Brief Introduction to Coupons

Nov 21

There are a great variety of people in this world. There are coupon users, semi-avid coupon collectors, and coupon radicals who refuse to pay 75 cents for toothpaste without one. Coupons can affect just about every area of our shopping lives.

The word “coupon” is actually French in origin, and made it way into our American vocabulary along with other important words such as entrepreneur, protege, and Hors d’oeuvres. One of the first people to see the great possibilities that lie in coupons was Asa Candler.  In 1894 he invested in what was then an insignificant tonic, and encouraged his employees to pass out coupons receiving free drinks.  It was later estimated that 8,500,000 free drinks were given out between 1894, and 1913. Wow, you might think, that’s a lot of money spent. Well maybe, but it payed off. In 1895, after only one year of coupons, Asa announced to the Stockholders of America that his Coca~Cola product was now being served in every State of the USA. And now, over 100 years later, it is being enjoyed at an average of one billion drinks per day.

Now that’s a coupon in action.

Something for Everyone

The great thing about Hometown Values is that they have something for everyone in every walk of life, no matter what the age or interest range.  From the bride to the builder, the style lovers to the house remodelers, businesses are being promoted and coupons are being offered in your area. Check out just a few of the options listed on Hometown Values:

Priceless Granite and Tile

Priceless Granite

This family-owned business features quality granite for everything from a gorgeous Italian style kitchen to the practical laundry room sink.  With a dazzling array of over 250 color options, they have imported granite slabs from India, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Africa.  Whether you’re building or remodeling, Priceless Granite will transform your home, from the tile to the window ledges, and bring to you a touch of the elegant and exotic. Grab one of their coupons at Hometown Values.

FireFly SalonFireFly Salon

Keep in touch with the stylists at FireFly Salon through their listing on Hometown Values.  Whether you’re looking for a chic make-up style, a trendy hair-cut or a stunning up-do for the bride, the specialists that work in this salon are experts at their art. Take advantage of their talent with a coupon from Hometown Values, buy a coffee, and make it a fun afternoon out!

Defensive Driving SchoolDefensiveDrivingSchool_logo

Car crashes are the number one teen killer. Over 12,000 fatal car accidents occurred during 2012.  In 52% of those fatalities, the driver was killed.  As the kids grow up and begin to itch for the steering wheel and keys, enrolling them in a Defensive Driving School is like buying life insurance.  A good education will ensure good drivers, and good drivers protect both their lives, and the lives of people around them. Check out the Defensive Driving School offers on Hometown Values today!

Jet City PizzaJet_City_Pizza_logo

Hmmmmm….beer batter bread sticks with garlic? Honey, it sounds like tonight just became date night. Print off a coupon and put on your heels–we’re going out! Discover the greatest dining deals and coupon cuisine with Hometown Values online before hopping in the car and taking off!  Free Pizza offer from Jet City Pizza with the purchase of any medium pizza?  Grab the kids or the BFF’s and make it a night!

Coupons are an incredible asset to both the big business owner, and the average American family.  Hometown Values will help you to really get a grip on the opportunities around you, and keep an eye out on sales and special offers that you need and want. Keep an eye out on the Hometown Values page.  Not only is the website user friendly, but you can also sign up and have their magazine delivered to your door. We are proud to provide you with a variety of coupons for many occasions.

What are you waiting for?  Start couponing and save money!

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