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Nov 18

There are countries in the world that excel in the art of fine dining.  Delicious cuisine is taken to a whole new level in places like the Ritz Carlton in Berlin, Sparks Steak House in New York, or London’s Plaza Athenee. We hear tell of $300 one plate menu’s, six- inch steaks and gorgeous waterfront views, and wish our food budgets were larger.

Satisfy your desire for good food at great prices!

We’ve heard it said that America is the giant melting pot of the world.  A great variety of cultures have come together into one, and each one brought along a food specialty.  In this country we have practically every foreign dish just a drive or phone call away.  Don’t let the experience pass you up!  Become cultured in a world of flavors by taking the time to sample various dishes that might catch your eye.

Hometown Values is the tool you can use see what restaurants, bars and grills are available in your area.  Just type in your area code, hit the restaurant button, and scroll through the pages of options.  Here’s the best part:  Each restaurant listing included not only a link to the original site, but also a coupon available to print off and use at a moments notice!  Eating out has suddenly become affordable.

As Ronald Reagan so rightly stated, “all great changes in America begin at the dinner table!”  So what’s on your menu?  Check out some of the local restaurant coupons from Hometown Values and take your pick:

Click on the title to see each coupon.


Fidalgo Drive-In

Featuring everything from cheese curds and polar swirls to the all-American Papa burger, the Fidalgo drive in is a great place to zip through when in need of a good hearty meal.  The experience becomes even more enjoyable with a buy one get one free coupon for prawns or clam chowder!


Kami Teriyaki and Sushi

With reviews for the best Teriyaki ever tasted, it’s definitely time to pull out the chopsticks.  Sample their variety of Sushi, including on topped with strawberries and Kiwi’s.  Sushi is definitely a foreign delicacy to be sampled.  In Japan an aspiring chef even made an Obama Sushi, featuring the president’s likeness in every slice of the roll.


La Traviata

Named after the tragic Italian opera where the beautiful young heroine closes the final scene with a beautiful song and then dies in the arms of her lover, the restaurant La Traviata is truly Italian to the core.  Customers have posted high compliments online to the chef, along with praise to the Italian decor, saying that the experience was most certainly one to be repeated.


Mongolian Grill

With a variety of easily over 200 options, most of the dishes on this menu contain meat.  Along with former president Bush, many guys would have to agree here that a good hearty meal of meat is definitely a favorite.  Let out the belt a few notches and come prepared to really dig in when you find the coupon for this restaurant.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The world record for the most chocolate bars eaten in one minute is fifteen.  Luckily, you won’t want to swallow quickly when you come to sample the truffles and elegant desserts offered at Rocky Mountain.  Savor each individual flavor as you indulge your taste buds in a delightful experience.  With everything from chocolate dipped potato chips, to white chocolate strawberries, you’ll be living an experience!

Using the resources offered you by Hometown Values opens up a whole new stock of options for you and for your family.  Family night can now be eaten out, and an experience that was once only the exception, can now become something to enjoy on a regular basis!

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