Saving Money with Coupons – Wisdom from Ohio State University’s Polly Loy

Jul 31

An article by Polly Loy, an expert in family and consumer sciences, explains the savings in using coupons. She explains how in 2010 alone, Americans saved $3.7 billion by taking advantage of coupons.


Here are her tips in what to do and what not to do with coupons:

• “Do use coupons to purchase sale items to maximize savings.

• Do use coupons to buy items you would usually purchase or new items you would like to try. Don’t buy items you don’t really need just because you have a coupon.

• Do compare the prices of store brand items of similar quality. Many times, in-house brands are less expensive even when applying a coupon to the national brand item.

• Do maximize couponing by looking for stores that double coupon values. Notice if stores only double coupons on certain days of the week. Not all areas have stores that double coupons.

• Do organize your coupons so they are easy to track and use effectively.

• Do watch expiration dates.

• Do write your grocery list with your coupon file and weekly store ad at hand, so that you can match coupons to sale items and pull out coupons that you will be using.

• Do stock up on non-perishable items—canned foods, paper goods, and cleaning products—if you have coupons that match up with store sales. Don’t purchase more than you can store conveniently.

• Don’t purchase perishable food in quantity if you will not be able to use it or freeze it before it expires.”


All these are good points, but what really struck me was her point on expiration dates. Although short and sweet, it hits the nail on the head. I know I have overlooked expiration dates and missed out on cheap pizza! Sometimes you can even overlook a savings of hundreds of dollars on furniture. I can’t be the only person who has done this. Just by checking expiration dates you can avoid wasting coupons and missing out on bargains.


Use these tips and more from this article to save money. Happy shopping!

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